Calls and Opportunities

We invite you to explore and apply to the open artist calls and community opportunities with Roswell Arts Fund.

Artist Call: Painted Utility Boxes and Infrastructure

If you have any questions, please contact Program Director, Elan Buchen at elan@roswellartsfund.org

Deadline: October 16, 2023

Roswell Arts Fund and the City of Roswell, Georgia invite artists and teams to submit portfolios for consideration for an exciting painted utility box project. In a second round of the annual PUB (Painted Utility Box) Project, Roswell will be adding a number of boxes and concrete manhole covers to be completed by end of 2023. These boxes will be located throughout the city of Roswell and the manhole concrete risers will be painted along the Chattahoochee River.

Following selection, each of the boxes and risers will be uniquely themed and tailored working with each artist. Therefore, we invite those interested and experienced to submit their portfolios (up to 5 images) for consideration! The public art of Roswell showcases diverse and varied works, bringing joy, and improving quality of life to Roswell’s public spaces.

This invitation is extended to all qualified artists with no entry fee.


Community Informational Meeting  

In conjunction with open RFQ, RAF’s Program Director, Elan Buchen, will give an overview of the program, review the qualifications and answer questions for any interested applicants.

While primarily produced for interested artists this meeting is open to everyone who is interested in learning more about the upcoming project and how to get involved.


Community Call: Apply to be a part of a Roswell Arts Fund Public Art Selection Panel

If you have any questions, please contact at info@roswellartsfund.org

Have you ever looked at Sentience in the Heart of Canton Street or Ask the Fish at Don White or the Ribbon bike racks at Riverside Park and wondered, “Who decided to put that there?” Answer: a selection panel made up of community members just like you!

The Public Art Program is seeking interested community members, artists, and arts professionals who live or work in Roswell to be involved in this exciting process*.

Each Selection Panel is comprised of a minimum of eight voting members with additional members added depending on the scope of the project. It is the role of the voting panelists to make decisions as a group concerning the final selection of the artist or artist team.

Roswell Arts Fund is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all our programs, initiatives, and processes. For this reason, we request demographic information as it is important that we ensure a diversity of voices are represented in our programs and decision-making committees. Thank you for sharing information about yourself.

*Participation in this survey does not guarantee you will be asked to serve on a selection panel.