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Shana Bowes

I love nostalgia. I always miss the past. I’ve worked in real estate for over 20 years – both in NYC and GA. I’ve seen neighborhoods change, grow and completely disappear. I feel it’s important to keep the memories alive of locations and communities throughout the years. It’s what makes old communities rebound and new ones prosper.

The common thread throughout my work is “locality”.
lo·cal·i·ty (noun):

​1. The fact or condition of having a location in space or time
2. An area or neighborhood, especially as regarded as a place occupied by certain people or as the scene of particular activities.

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Elaine Stephenson

I’m a designer, painter and muralist from Roswell, now living in Atlanta. I would like to be more involved in the art community of Roswell where I grew up and have the opportunity to create public artwork to beautify the city. I would also like to share my fine art paintings that I am working on and create art for those who align with my visual style.

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Sruthi Potru

I always loved art and craft since childhood. Recently when I moved to Georgia I found my passion for arts. I love to paint animals and nature.

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David Cohen

I like to be involved in projects that spread love, promote learning, and enable people to expand their potential.

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Meg Mitchell

I have a degree in industrial design from Georgia Tech and started my freelance career drawing chalkboard menus, event signage, and building small home decor pieces. I like to say I don’t say no to many requests, so I started doing calligraphy, glass engraving, and more large murals. My favorite projects are hand-drawn restaurant menus, painted exterior logos, and murals, so I would love to do more of those.
Thank you!

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Kerryann Torres

Kerryann Torres ktorresdesigns@gmail.com https://kerryanntorres.com I am a self-taught artist who has rekindled my childhood love of painting. I have found inspiration in places I have lived, including, Hawaii, England South Africa, Puerto Rico and now Georgia. I have a deep love and respect for animals and nature. I believe that having a connection to the

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Jane Biven

Jane Biven j.e.biven@gmail.com http://www.halfbakedart.com I am an Atlanta native, working in Roswell, creating resin art and contemporary abstract paintings.As a self-taught artist, my methods are unorthodox. Rarely will you catch me using an easel or a brush. Like a mad scientist, my curiosity and fearless approach led to the discovery of my own medium. My

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Joanne K Carlton Designs

Joanne K Carlton Designs jojocarlton@aol.com My husband and I are artists, specializing several different mediums. We also enjoy interior design. Categories: Visual Arts, Abstract Painting, Illustration, Painting Zip Code: 30075

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Alfred Conteh

Alfred Conteh alfred@alfredconteh.com http://www.alfredconteh.com My work is a visual exploration of the social survival patterns, tactics and kindship of people of African decent. I seek to highlight and probe our social, economic, educational and psychological progressions, throughout history, via the lens of the Black Southern American experience. Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/aaconteh/ Categories: Visual Arts, Illustration, Painting

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Alles Craig

Alles Craig alles-art@comcast.net Alle currently works in oils, pastels, watercolor and mixed media, painting portraits, landscapes, flowers, buildings and figures. Categories: Visual Arts, Abstract Painting, Painting Zip Code: 30075

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