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Public Art Master Plan for the City of Roswell

The main objective for the Roswell Public Art Master Plan is to knit our diverse community together by defining and implementing our expression—our signature—to the world. The people of Roswell are creative, spirited, and ingenious. The public art master plan sets the standard for how we begin to implement and enjoy public art; it also celebrates our community’s artistic vitality.

Public art helps to define a city by honoring its history, celebrating its culture, and creating rich experiences for residents and visitors alike. Art activates spaces and invigorates commerce—and brings smiles and inspiration to folks of all ages, day in and day out.

Roswell Arts Fund was contracted by the City of Roswell to develop a strategic plan and community-wide vision for how public art can be integrated into the framework of the city of Roswell.

That process began with engaging a consultant to help create the public art master plan in the fall of 2016. The plan, completed after five months of study and input from over 1,900 residents, was presented to Mayor and City Council in March 2017. 

How do we choose public art in Roswell?  

All public art is managed through a similar process that provides for customization based on specific circumstances and budgets. These processes and recommended ordinances are presented in detail in our Public Art Master Plan. We’ve created a summary of the process for your review.

Do you have a project in mind?

This public art master plan provides a strategic direction and community-wide vision for how public art can be integrated into the framework of the city. If you are considering a project, please reach out for assistance. 

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