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Stephanie Lailine is an artist & designer based in Roswell, Georgia. A passionate self-taught creator, Stephanie has been crafting works of art for as long as she can remember. She enjoys using a variety of media, from drawing & painting to digital & sculpture. Through this exploration, she is eager to see how her style continues to develop and is excited for future projects. Stephanie also currently works as a user experience design supervisor, with focuses on user interface and graphic design. When she’s not doodling away in her sketchbook, you can typically find her reading in the countryside, wandering through the forests of North Georgia, foraging mushrooms, crocheting a cozy blanket, wheelthrowing handmade pottery, adventuring in her hometown, writing poetry & prose, making music, or carving up new prints.

“Visually, I am drawn to soft colors and muted tones. I love finding the balance between abstract & reality, and often mimic Impressionist paintings in my brush strokes. Discovering and combining different media allows me to push the boundaries of what I can do and shapes my artistic sensibilities. I am frequently inspired by nature, magic & whimsy, vintage curiosities, and nostalgia. Recently, I have been focusing on character portraits, plein air paintings, botanical & animal illustration, and integrating the elegant macabre into my work.”

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Visual Arts Mixed Media, Illustration