Friends of Roswell Arts Fund,

We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

On May 11, 2020 Mayor Henry presented the proposed FY21 budget for City of Roswell. While we are very grateful to the city’s staff for their tireless work amid this unprecedented crisis, we are discouraged by the proposed 78% cut to Roswell Arts Fund’s budget. With such drastic defunding, more than other city partners were cut, and significantly more than the projected 18% revenue shortfall, Roswell is risking erasing years of investment in its own Imagine Roswell 2030 Cultural Master Plan.

With a cut that deep Roswell Arts Fund will face a disruption in both staff and programming, just as we were reaching our stride.

We only have a few days to persuade Mayor and City Council to revisit their proposal, so we are asking you to take action today:

  1. Take one minute to email or call Mayor and City Council voicing your concerns regarding the massive proposed budget cuts to Roswell Arts Fund.    (Contact information and sample script below)
  2. Forward this message to your friends, family and Roswell neighbors. Urge them to join you in supporting Roswell Arts Fund.
  3. Raise your voice on social media and tag @CityofRoswellGA and @RoswellArts on your posts

Thank you for helping us, and please don’t hesitate to connect.

With gratitude,


Don Horton, Chairman              Ghila Sanders, Executive Director


Contact Information




Sample Script

Dear (Mayor) (Council Member) _______,

I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

I fully recognize the difficulties that the Covid 19 pandemic is causing, and I am grateful to the city’s staff for their tireless work amid this unprecedented crisis, and the tough choices they have to make.  

I am reaching out to express my concerns with the proposed drastic defunding of Roswell Arts Fund, and ask that you reconsider:

  • The RAF staff has been acting as an extension of the City of Roswell, as the designated arts agency.  A 78% cut will mean a significant reduction in RAF staff, reducing Roswell’s cultural arts programs – at a time when the community needs them most
  • This drastic cut seems disproportionate when compared to the projected 18% revenue shortfall.
  • The proposed percentage is starkly disproportionate to the City’s other partner organizations. It is hard to justify this disparate treatment of RAF.
  • Roswell Arts Fund is as asset for the city and has been a driving force for positive change through the arts since its establishment.  Cuts this deep would stop our momentum and set the clock back on Roswell’s public art programs six years.
  • RAF is critically evaluating all their programs, putting some on hold, and looking for alternative funding.  But a 78% cut simply cannot be filled in the time they have. 
  • Many RAF programs span across fiscal years – ArtAround Roswell, Bike Rack Project, etc.  A 78% cut will undermine the investment already made in the programs, with no easy way to restart them when the crisis is over.  A skilled team is needed year-round, from concept to implementation.

Please increase the Roswell Arts Fund budget to allow them to keep their basic programs and staff in place until the crisis is over – maintaining their current momentum and helping the community to stay connected and find relief.  It’s an investment in Roswell that we all need, and the right thing to do.